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Essential Poetic Esoteria

Watches of the Night

Poetic Esoteria
Night Watch
The ~ Beat

Who can tell what madness is given voice in the vacant watches of the night?

Mythical Shadows

Within mythical haze
Magical nights unfold,
Kissed by lyrical days
Spells cast on songs of old,

What sorcery is this?
Haunting a rustic glen,
Willows hung in the mist
Guarding a dark, deep den,

Teased by sprites and faeries
Lying amid lush grass,
With siren song they please
Nerves shiver as we pass,

Chasing unlit shadows
Etched deep into the mists,
List'ning for banshee's howls
As the fog flows and twists,

Forbidden mystery
Begging for attention,
Unravels readily
Once the night has begun,

Quickly lost in its coils
A labyrinth unfurled,
Raptured in fruitless toils
Sent from another world,

Bid me but mere respite
Grant me only repose,
Vexed no more in the night
Casting away my woes.

Courting Destiny

Destiny enroute
Questioned me one day,
"Whither go thou shalt'
'Or beg thou, thy stay?"

The choice was quite clear
I replied with thought,
"If there, I'm still here
'In the now I'm caught,"

"Thou hast answered well
'For to make way hence,
'Is but here, you tell
'And presently, thence,"

"Courting destiny
'Is in the moment,
'For what is to be
'Yields from the present,"

I asked, "Win or lose
'Is destiny bought?"
"Thou shalt merely choose
'Hearken to thy thought,"

"I, Destiny reign
'Cast in boon or bane
'God and man concur,"

"How would we agree?"
"For but mere regret,
'Thy pain is but glee
'Ev'ry star doth set,"

"Ev'n noble planet
'Sha'nt augur thy fate,
'Gyring occident
'Marks only the date."


Dollops of dream smatter across consciousness
Wakeful sleep purges the inner sanctum,
Red eyes grasp into the dark
Failing to recognize faintest form or shadow,
Comforted in the unfamiliar
Childhood visions roar past,
The man in the moon beams with greed
His platinum eyes hungry, almost salivating,
Bleached ghosts, shades of past oracles
Glistening crystals in the corner of my eye,
Stardust, golden,

The mulling throng chants dimly
A vibrating crescendo rises,
Shattering time, the walls and, long-held beliefs,
An icy crimson glow remains
Where the chests of astronauts burst into space,
Shattered cages of dismembered skeletons spin.
Stardust, golden,

Forbidden terror lurks
With a grating hiss,
Its eye of rock peaks
At the dismal abyss,

Rounded boulders clatter
Pouring over the edge,
Falling like dark water
Rattling on a thin ledge,

The phantom circles low
In the dim cursed moonlight,
Excruciatingly slow
Like the everlasting night.

Midnight Azurite

Dark blue, moonless midnight
Scattered bright points beam fires,
Crystalline azurite
Circling as it gyres,

Shimmers enrapturing
Spine-tingling harmony,
Hear music of spheres ring
Singing through all you see,

Bright jewels fly sparkling
Shining like rising dew,
Gems on the skies' wide ring
Set amid deepest blue,

A world plunging headlong
Into the future we define,
And around a tiny sun
Through the firmnament divine,

Planets strung across midnight
Glowing gems along a silver chain,
Lit up by Heaven's very light
Her long, slender neck adorning,

Light's sweet hot spectrum sings
Magical stardust flows,
Through your spirit it rings
While through the sky it goes.


Dead Poet's Night

Usher from deep Neptunian mist
Dank and bewebbed corpses darkened,
Beckon their shades, their spirits list
Therefore may we their epitaphs hearken,

Days of yore, night long forgotten
Midnight oil burning in a pen,
Bequeath golden quill and fountain
So lyrical genius rides again,

Cast the bolt from the chamber door
Whose secret key only poets hold,
Bid us to the hearth to implore
Of ayres penned in madness, never told...

Vaporous Shades

Invoke vaporous shades
Cast in dark corridors,
Shadows lengthen, firelight fades
Ghosts creaking wooden floors,

Padded feline feet
Hushed ancient vibration,
Performs a concert suite
Like an incantation,

Ushering legacies
Studied in tomes of lore,
Manifest destinies
Beckoning at the door,

Wanton apparitions
Vestiges of spirit,
Whispers of long-set sunnes
Between the two worlds split.

Deepest Roots

The deepest roots of mountains
Hear rumblings of bygone eons,
Ages expose thick granite plutons
Mute testimony of ancient tombstones,

Cast the shadows of twilight long
Deep purple longs to blanket Earth,
Magical forest darkness colored charcoal
Glows dimly, nearly green and brown,

Everlasting slumber shudders in repose
Shallow currents respond streaming,
Running into sunless abyssal depths
Frozen crystalline mire settles unseen.

Electric Blue

The full moon brightly broods
Its celestial eyes piercing,
Tempting seductive moods
You almost hear it sing,

Bright orb speaking desire
Through deep blue it eases,
An electric shiver
Lifts hair while it pleases,

Jewel hanging above
Shoots out moonbeams to ride,
Moondrops tasting of love
Warm dew to slip and slide.

Dancing Dreams

Dancing dreams cascade
In a bubbling, crystal flow,
Shimmering, never to fade
With an eerie, phantom glow,

Coursing inside my heart
Symbols and senses collide,
Never ceasing once they start
Leaving nothing I can hide,

Sprung from the fountain of dream
Dearest fantasy takes flight,
Deep inside the images beam
Etching colors that stay in my sight,

A reality formed of light
Caresses my fondest dreams,
Inspiring all of my might
The world inside is more than it seems.


Bleeding a dream
Milking it of its
Clinging to milky wisps
Empattered boldly,
Enblazoned images
Reflecting collective conscience,
Seared deeply upon spirt fabric
Cast into ethereal breezes
Shining upon a glass, darkly,

Titillating muses shine
Glowing flesh flows,
Dolloping drops of word and song
Sieze upon shadows in mist,
Glimpses of the nether,
Familiar phrases and faces
Echo along time-worn corridors,
Labyrinthine geometries intermesh
Intermingling, coalesce,
Three-D fabric to grasp.

Foggy Thickness

Thick as the dark morning dew
Billowing pillars rising,
A veil clothing me and you
Enshrouding rising feeling,

Entertaining emotion
Wisping nephrous shades of mist,
In unending conversation
With smiling silence interspersed,

Your parted lips silent
Spanning an infinite distance,
Eternity in a moment
Distant vistas spied with a glance,

Thick space filled with vibration
Images cast in the dew,
Tendrils of fog flow as one
Just as our mingling words do.


Verses scrawled across flesh
Rude shadows of true hearts,
Bled freely on the midnight watch
Dark oil feeding incensed flames,

Passion's torrent glimmers
Through a looking glass darkly,
Crude ink chastises the pages
In your book with pale skin cover,

Your soft-bound volume arches
Spine bending, sweetly curling,
The dribbling pen marks dimly
Barely reflecting lingering feeling,

But to merely touch upon it
That unknowable now, now and now,
And embrace emotion unfathomed
That simply slides, elusively away.

Copyright 2005 T.A.Rickey