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Essential Poetic Esoteria

Environmental Insanity

Poetic Esoteria
Night Watch
The ~ Beat

Slashing across good green ground


Slashing across good, green ground
A cold, hard ribbon twists around,
Like a dull knife it cuts hard
Putting every creature on the guard,

Blood stains dot it's full length
With speeding metal we give it strength,
Burning and killing along the way
Coldly striking down every stray,
Who die in grimy, filthy waste
That we spew out in all our haste,

In our speed we murder the land
Will there come a day when we understand?
All of our roads, and all we do
Slice the earth, even the skies' blue,
Cutting them open until they bleed
Why can't we take just what we need?
Will we be victims of our own violence
And perish from mere indifference?


Laying bare the tender land
Raping and poisoning it,
Ripping up the silt and sand
Grinding the prairie to grit,

Mining precious minerals
Yielding gold autumn harvests,
We ravage the land for grain
So much of which no one tastes,

After war's spoil and plunder
Mother Earth is laid to waste,
Life's luscious seed plowed under
With harsh chemicals in haste,

The barren, surreal landscape
Awaits another assault,
Laid bare for machines to rape
In our greed we claim no fault.


Believe what you will
But know all you can,
Reality still
Is the final plan,

You can know anything
Learning is up to you,
But knowing ev'rything
Is impossible to do,

Believing anything
Is simple acceptance,
Knowledge requires thinking
An important difference,

Belief is by will power
Superceding the facts,
Truth is like a flower,
The way that nature acts.

Winter of '99 [true story]

Rareified air, bare chaparal,
The high desert, alone,
Parched, cold wind moans
A muffled hush rises
The junipers' lonely chorus,

Gnarled deadwood 'n' scrub dot the red dirt
Dustdevils spin, wanton ghosts,
Thick leather pretends to protect me...
Despite pretension, a babe in the wood,
Gripping my loaded revolver,

Alone - the word doesn't capture the feeling
Beyond words... reality
So very real, so very

Nothing appears alive
Low ant hills abandoned,
Juniper, pinon and aloe
Glazed green, waxy flesh curls,
Only meager droplets illumine each
Precious fluid guarded by spines
And poisons,

Kokopelli dances long,
Shadows cast along the breeze
Shimmer, sliding past the eye,
Inside - alone,

A lone spirit spies me
From within pinon branches,

Her deep, round, dark eyes
Stare unblinking,

Long white feathers take the wind
Silently outstretched capture the unseen,
Shining darkness rises from red earth,

Navaho and Hopi over the far ridge,
Bones mingle in ruddy soil
Ancient volcanoes repose,
Dead, dry cones the only landmark
Lost within a maze of ridges and rises,


A bright parade cascades
Easing through the deep blue,
Brilliant white and gray shades
Tinged with a purple hue,

Billowing vapors breathe
Surging inside, they move,
Inside their warm hearts seethe
Looking down, they approve,

Beings old as the earth
Haunting the atmosphere,
To all they have great worth
Of nothing do they fear,

Tenderly they caress
All creatures and the land,
With soft tears they undress
As on the sky they stand.

The Shimmering

Vibrations' harmony
Form bright images,
That the eye cannot see
Yet fill many pages,

Shimmering reflections
Guiding the heart and hand,
Showing the chosen ones
To a mystical land,

A land without border
Under the vagrant moon,
With chaotic order
Like a desert sand dune,

Full-moon wilderness sky
Brimming with liquid light,
Shimmers within your eye
Yet flickers beyond sight.


Wings spread into the haze of the cold, winter sky,
A grey bird shreiks lonely calls,
But is free

Unfettered wind rages through barren branches,
Caressing every twig, but whistling past,
Let freedom ring

Bright comets blaze amongst unblinking stars,
Foggy radience fading, perhaps never to return,
Wandering free


Gentle morning unfolds
Rustling before daybreak,
Slumber of the dark night
Lets go of dreams it holds,
To tenderly awake
Into the growing light,

Barest glow of the sun
Brightens the atmosphere,
Just a dim reflection
As morning's break draws near,

Stars yet twinkle brightly
Amid the eastern glow,
The skies' blue tide rises
In the vast flying sea,
As the day starts to grow
Its promise entices.

Copyright 2005 T.A.Rickey