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Essential Poetic Esoteria


Poetic Esoteria
Night Watch
The ~ Beat


Dizzying Dreams

Vague plans skip through my mind
Blurry hues engage me,
I sort through them to find
Glimpses of eternity,

Many idle dreams are spent
Where love and laurel lie,
Yet I come unrepentent
For dreams themselves justify,

Courting eager fantasy
My heart lies open wide,
Persuading destiny
To take me for a ride,

I leave my senses and -
Trip the light fantastic,
Finding more than I planned
Beyond even magic.

Warm Fuzzies

Kittens' whisker kisses
Wrapped in warm fuzzy covers,
Funny riddle guesses
The sweetest moment lingers,

Perfect security
Watches with care above,
While you frolic carefree
Full of laughter and love,

Tender moments captured
In hearts' shining crystal,
In instants, enraptured
Feeling your heartstring's pull,

Cascading fireworks
Burst inside your bosom,
Velvet emotion perks
Deep in your breasts' blossom.

A Midsummer's Night Dream

Upon a midsummer's night dream
We wake into crystal dew,
Dancing upon a moonbeam
I give myself unto you,

As you yield yourself to me
We soar to the silvered stars,
Gazing at wonders we see
Finding that it is all ours,

We share it eternally
In a fluid, velvet kiss,
I to you and you to me
We roll through soft fields of bliss.


Playful flames dash upon my lips
While I float enmired in viscous blackness,
Slowly descending into the depths
Of a fevered, aberrent dream,

Kindling fire wrought of dragon's breath
A burning testament yielded from millenia,
Seductive yet ghastly phantoms
Fondle my languid viscera,

Forbidden terror consummate
Begs for silent surrender,
Within this self-imposed exile
My tears scream for release,

Yet I gag them down hard
As biting into a twisted knife,
Tears crystallize into shards
Shattering drops scatter my strife.

The Light

Within sacred stars' stillness
Beaming neon radience,
Magenta flames caress
Sparks shining blue brilliance,

Strobes burst with swollen brightness
Intensity parting space,
Pure energy they fluouresce
While into the void, rays race,

Spanning infinity's curves
Shining back upon it's source,
It glows in our very nerves
And lights eternity's course,

Daring to ride upon the waves
To trip the light fantastic,
We trek the high road it paves
Soaring along paths we pick.

Mathematical Dreams:


Digital Dreams:


Copyright 2005 T.A.Rickey