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Essential Poetic Esoteria


Poetic Esoteria
Night Watch
The ~ Beat

Flowered Crown

Spring's unfolding flower
Opens into the sun,
With such gentle power
Of love only begun,

Sweet caressing breezes
Kissing your rosy cheeks,
Tickling as it pleases
And through your lips it sneaks,

Buds' blooming fragrances
With wings of a sprite flies,
And in your nose dances
Scents' blossoming sunrise,

The spring, your flowered crown
Beautiful friend, mon ami,
The gentle breeze your gown
Clothes your warm heart softly.


Only to linger long
Upon your luscious lips,
Would make my heart beat strong
So strong it would do flips,

Brushing your lips softly
Tasting your warm, sweet dew,
Your lips blossom fully
Your bloom bursts brightly through,

Fragrant, honeyed nectar
Carried upon your breath,
Beckons me much closer
Yet frightens me to death,

Only to linger long
In your enchanting glow,
Would summon love so strong
My heart would never slow!

To Christina

When with guitars, Christina sings
Her voices revives their leaden strings,
And if she doth of sorrow speak
From her heart, the strings do break,
But if she doth of pleasure sing
My heart is filled with notes of spring,

When Christina sings from her heart
Guitar chords ring with highest art,
Whether in triumph or travail
Either tears or smiles unveil,
Feelings pure as finest gold
Echoes resounding songs of old.

(After Thomas Campion, in his "Bookes of Ayres," the song, "When to her lute, Corinna Sings")

Luscious Lips

Your lips beckon my gaze
A bouquet in a wreath,
Why do your lips amaze?
Parted softly on your breath,

Arching as if to touch
Subtle curves flow in pink,
Staring almost too much
My eyes can barely wink,

Sculptured in tender flesh
I follow their soft curves,
Your smile no less than plush
Seeming to strum my nerves,

I ache for a mere taste
Of your lips' sweet nectar,
And to be closely faced
With your beauty so rare!



Can two
Be one?
Just you

Is to love
But to die?
Made just of
Tears we cry?

One face of love
Is very cruel,
Not from above
Icy and cool,

That face turns away
When we need it most,
And leads us astray
Like a haunting ghost,

There must be a reason
For love to be that way,
For bad things to happen
To push love far away,

It seems such a little thing
But love is so powerful,
The pain and joy it can bring
Are both sad and beautiful.

Love's Illusion

Love's illusion fades to black
Feeling familiar heartache start,
While knowing love will come back
To once again stab at my heart,

A sword pierces through my core
With pain all too familiar,
Yet I swallow the blade more
Until it has cut too far,

Stabbing through my heart and soul
Slashing deep in my stomach,
Opening a gaping hole
And a pain beyond heartache,

All my life its tortured me
Slashing tenderest tissue,
Yet the blade I never see
I even hide it from you,

With futile desperation
I have tried to soothe the pain,
And from it I cannot run
Since it spread into my brain,

Memories will become faded
While pain remains my friend,
But my heart remains unjaded
And feels defenseless, to the end,

Yet, hope flutters like an angel
Soothing the pang in my chest,
And leads me away from darkest hell
Until the day I finally rest,

Has love dealt its final blow
Murdered my heart at last?
If only it were so
I'd put love in my past.


Enchantress, fill my dreams
Summon tender desire,
Carried upon moonbeams
Searing hot silver fire,

Your feelings fill my soul
Bubbling colors rise,
Waxing emotional
I see in your bright eyes,

Sensual, sweet vixen
Cast off your mortal cloak,
Soar past the horizon
With but a breath you spoke,

Your life your creation
Mixed on your soul's palette,
A portrait just begun
Mirroring your spirit.

Sweet Lesbia

Sweet Lesbia, let us prove
While we may, the sports of love,
Time won't be ours forever
For tomorrow, is never,

Fickle moons will wax and wane
Suns that set will rise again,
But if once we lose this light
Love would sleep eternal night,

If all would live life in love
With no need to smash or shove,
Without bloody knife or gun
With only needs to have fun,
We could live just for today
In the moment we could stay,
We would have no need to fight
Dreading the eternal night,

When I'm at last laid to rest
Come Lesbia, with your best,
Come with laughter, do not weep
Do not mourn, I only sleep,

Come with lovers to my tomb
For I lay in earth's rich womb,
Gather rosebuds by moonlight
Gracing my eternal night.

(After orginally ancient "Vivamus, mea Lesbia, Atque Amemus" by Catullus, et al. including "Sweetest Lesbia" by Thomas Campion in "Books of Ayres.")

Spring Love

With the sweet taste of spring
Succulent morning dew,
On your lips lingering
My thoughts flavored with you,

Scented breezes caress
Brushing along your cheek,
Whispering soft sweetness
Like currents in a creek,

Blossoming emotion
Tenders a joyful tear,
A raindrop in the sun
Shimmering bright and clear,

The spring is your bouquet
A flowered crown for you,
Each fragrant, honeyed day
Reflects your beauty through.

Mystical Midnight

A misty, mystical night
For us to share together,
Riding up to passion's height
Under a glow of amber,

Tender, lingering kisses
Exciting growing desire,
Sweet, sensuous caresses
Feeding our glowing, hot fire,

Riding wings of ecstasy
Rhythmically mesmerizing,
Like rising waves in the sea
Slap wet on the beach splashing,

Excitement ever growing
The natural thing to do,
My hot pulse never slowing
Rushed by the vision of you!


Most precious and rare gems
Adorn your angel-face,
Stones from queens' diadems
Colored leather and lace,

Deep shining liquid pools
Reflecting your passion,
Shimmering dark jewels
Staring stimulation,

Your luscious lips tempt me
Flowering full and sweet,
In all of you I see
A rare and special treat,

Your laughing pearly smile
Bubbles from your sweet heart,
With the sexiest style
Sly, creative and smart.


Do I cling to a dream?
And fantasy of you
Embroiled in foggy steam
Blooms, bursting brightly through,

Oh, shall I risk my heart?
To open it again
And to give you a part
Would my heart tell me when?

Will I merely languish
In unrequited love?
My dream just a mere wish
Like touching with a glove,

Were it for me to say
I'd hold you in the night,
Loving all through the day
With you my heart's delight!

Forbidden Valentine

Tasting tempting flavor
Knowing you can't be mine,
Yet the thought I savor
Because you are so fine,

You're a tender flower
Your nectar like sweet wine,
Fresh as a spring shower
Forbidden Valentine,

Longing in hot desire
With true admiration,
Warmed by your inner fire
I feel I'm in the sun,

I want to know you more
I pray that this won't end,
Your true heart I adore
I love you my dear friend.


You are so beautiful
No less than magical,
You have me enchanted
In a wish that's granted,

Feeling your soft sweetness
Knowing your tenderness,
Truly has me beguiled
With feelings hot and wild,

You posess true beauty
From everything I see,
To all the things you do
And all things that are you,

Soaring streams of passion
That have only begun,
Shoot with pleasure through me
And between us freely.


Lingering far too long
Upon your luscious lips,
Strumming the softest song
Echoing falling drips,

Tasting your lips softly
Full of your warm sweet dew,
Dolloping languidly
With a slight, torrid hue,

Fragrant, honeyed nectar
Sweeter than springtime wine,
From your lips' soft flower
On whose petals I dine,

Lingering with pleasure
In your entrancing glow,
Summons so much desire
My hot pulse cannot slow!

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Copyright 2005 T.A.Rickey