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Essential Poetic Esoteria


Poetic Esoteria
Night Watch
The ~ Beat

Bright Blessings!



Evening, my sultry mistress
Pulls up her dark velvet sheet,
A star peeks while she undresses
Satisfying the sun's heat,

Quenching that fiery gem
With her rising, languid dew,
Essence purely feminine
Soft as a whisper is true,

She paints with deepest colors
Evening's palette richly glowing,
Her portrait brightly mirrors
Love for the night now growing,

She leaves me much too quickly
My eyes spinning with stars,
But she comes to me nightly
Bearing sweet love she shares.


In dreams angels speak
Silken tongues caress,
To my heart they seek
My soul they undress,

Drawn to their pure light
Spirits unfolding,
Praying that I might
Join in as they sing,

Rapturous vision
Bright effervescence,
Gentle soft collision
Of my every sense,

Cause without effect
Light without contrast,
Care without neglect
The first but no last.

It feels just like magic
In a mystical spell,
I know it's not a trick
It's something we can tell,

We feel it surge inside
And see it flowing out,
Desire we cannot hide
Seeing what love's about,

Enchanting magic wings
Cushion us as we fly,
While we search brand new things
That make us laugh and sigh,

Flying through loving skies
I'll always be with you,
Tethered with softest ties
That no one can undo.


Star, Earth, Sky, Sea,
Primieval be,
Fire, Earth, Air, Water,
Elements matter,

Energy, Mass, Space, Time,
Full circle in a rhyme,
As above, so below
With the seasonal flow,

As without, so within
For the end to begin,
Cast here through ev'rything,
None harming, all helping.

According highest rhythm
Harmonic music of spheres,
Chords of a natural hymn
That all of creation hears,

Colored vibrations entrain
Enery, mass and fluid,
Shining soil in wind and rain
Where the rigid flows languid,

By eternal principles
Opposites are unified,
Infinite vibration pulls
Force from which nothing can hide,

Manifold emanations
Sounds of Godhead's highest voice,
Sacred manifestations
Of those in whom I rejoice!


Bedecked with misty shroud
The moon beams languidly,
Floating upon a cloud
Bright, sleepy eye spies me,

Flying above all night
Ruling the sky supreme,
Caught in her dreamy sight
We ride her crystal beam,

Temptress straddling the sky
Her bright eye opens wide,
Take my hand and we'll fly
Surfing the rising tide,

Tasty moondrops outpour
Tinged with earthly delights,
Glistening with l'amour
Feeling her tender bites,

Entranced, basking in silver
Feeling her subtle song,
Enchanted with fever
She begs all the night long,

Soon her full midnight stare
Will pour on us like cream,
Struck in her naked glare
Sprung from fountains of dream.


Midsummer's Night Dreams

A midsummer's night dream
Caught in bright moonbeams,
Poured on the ground like cream
In elven eyes it gleems,

Yield yourself to the night
Feel your deep inner frights,
Shadows move out of sight
Revealing naked sprites,

In the dark, wooded vale
Lit by firefly's tails,
And over hill and dale
The banshee's shrill call wails,

Fantasy begs release
Deep within it teases,
Pleading never to cease
Flesh inside it siezes.


Burnt in flames of passion
Fluttering wings of fire,
My defenses undone
Sacrificed on the pyre,

Deep lick the tongues of flame
Spreading the burning heat,
Fire consumes without shame
Inside you feel it eat,

Raw, quivering nerves singed
Touched by hot flickering,
Liquid light, orange tinged
Leaves smoke trails lingering,

Red embers left glowing
Lying like scattered stones,
Fading flames lowering
Heat penetrating bones.

Copyright 2005 T.A.Rickey