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Essential Poetic Esoteria

Cerebral Convolutions

Poetic Esoteria
Night Watch
The ~ Beat

Twisted coils of the cerebrum flowing with meandering mentition...


Desperate but comfortable
Glimpsing sacred eternity,
Melancholy casts blue shadows
Gracefully with subtle beauty,

Caught up in fearless reverie
Casting off mortality's cloak,
Feeding upon fleshless delights
In rich, untasted liquour I soak,

Drowning within deepest thoughts
Drawing them completely inside,
Overcome with pleasant numbness
Falling into the mind's abyss to hide,

Cradled by a warm, blank dream
Sifting thoughts merging gently,
Kaledoscopic emotion wanes
Leaving soft scars noone can see.

Twisted melancholy
Winds and moans through my soul,
I just need to get free
This is taking its toll,

I stare out at the world
It rolls and rushes by,
A flag slowly unfurled
Soaring, flowing on high,

While wheels turn all around
Turning inside themselves,
Inward and outward bound
As if spun 'round by elves,

My life twists and it turns
I'm insane at the wheel,
All the while my soul yearns
For more of what is real.


A perverse carnival ride in overdrive
Beckons with a cruel laugh,
My ravenous spirit straddles eternity
While the bleached horns of the moon gore the sky,

Cold hard neon splits the midnight horizon,
Shimmering electric fluid flashes a seduction,
I yearn to taste the colorful volatiles
My grip swells and moistens instinctively,

Glowing shapnel gnaws into my bones
And starkly shines with pale rays,
Stale smoke tinged red, gasps out at me
Ten-thousand battles claw from the grave,

Caught in cool, steel-blue wolfen eyes
Bearing scars screaming of merciless violence,
The mute testimony of an ancient tombstone
A thick granite torso heaves battle-cries,

What crimson drooling sacrifice
Could be mortally wagered in vain?
A painted harlot shattering illusion
An encore of exquisite pain,

A brazen brocade of flowered gold ignites
Flames flash and sputter through showering debris,
Shards of glass dance, splashing upon flesh
Eerie, breathless silence spans a vast abyss

The chasm of my vacant heart issues forth a wanton cry
Echoing hollowly from rigid stony cliffs,
A shining black raven calls hauntingly
Phantom wings raised to the desolate wind.


Born amidst vast tumultuous fury
Scattered from shattering death throes
In an ancient, furious sun,
Infinitesimal crystals spewn across the firmnament,
Bathed in searing waves of unimaginable spectral rays,
Set drifting, sifting deep across the void
Through untold eons and epic distance,
Time and space clinging together
Meaningless, empty, formless chaos,
Crystalline symmetric convergence
Dimensional forces align
In a cosmic ballet Divine,
Fluid torrents coalesce
Random flows condense, enmass,
Dense hard wind entrains liquid swirls
Amid chaotic disarray emerge pearls
Caught plummeting in dynamic dance
Few colliding by merest chance,
Myriad battered worldlets
Smashed and crushed their metal melts,
Splitting collisions and torrid unions
Set random strobes ablaze,
Intensely hot spectra erupt
Flushing heated dust turbulently
Purging the inner sanctum where jewels fly sparkling,
Simmering crystal cauldrons seething, breathing, living,
Basking, boiling, bubbling tides rise
Waves licking scented breezes lap softly,
Light's sweet, hot spectrum peaks into new eyes
Gazing, pondering parent stars excitedly,
Magical stardust takes on another guise.


Time Riddle

Inumerable points
Stretch along any line,
To count them disappoints
Because they are so fine,

Lines of infinity
Gather across a plane,
Too thin to even see
Yet side by side are lain,

The merest surfaces
Piling up endlessly,
Casting 3-D shadows
In the forms we can see,

Shadows on each other
Appear to move as one,
In the wind forever
Each moment has begun.

Nerd Girl :)

Boot up, nerd girl
On your 'pooter so fine,
All your hardware's so kewl
And you can plug 'n' play mine,

Dial up, nerd girl
You can hack the planet,
We gotta use the backdoor
So we can phrack the 'net,

Back up, nerd girl
Compress all your software,
What you need's another gig
My zip drive'll get you there,

It's up, nerd girl
Your web page is so hot,
I uploaded you my jpegs
Then you spammed me with your 'bot,

Cam's on nerd girl
I CU do you SeeMe?
Let's surf some more refs
Or let's try VDO for free,

Download, nerd girl
Don't catch any viruses,
You always scan the hard drive
'Cause your mama is Ms. Dos!!!

Shadowed Feelings

Flat, puffy clouds hang gently
Far above in the cool sky,
I feel their thick veil upon me
They drift, blown by my sigh,

The grey shroud lazes around me
And even sifts deep inside,
This shroud of melancholy
Has deep folds in which I can hide,

It blindfolds me, so that I see
Only what is deep within,
Am I just alone or lonely?
Is this where to stop or begin?

My emotions wane sleepily
In the color of warmth and gloom,
I feel vaguely, strangely happy
Content in my shadowy tomb.


Feeling fading daylight
Easing into the night,
Slowly stealing all sight
As time itself takes flight,

Darkness cradles my eyes
While light departs the skies,
The moon spreads wings and flies
Stars peek out as they rise,

Mood waning sleepily
Not quite melancholy,
Strangely, vaguely happy
While drifting creepily,

Upon a surging tide
Set free on waves to ride,
Without secrets to hide
Eager heart open wide.


Far off amidst a vast
Tumultuous fury,
Starlight casts stark shadows
Upon turbulent clouds,

The call of rampant
Caucaphony rings,
Harmonious clamor
Dissects all octaves,

Worlds are tossed light-years
Scattered like debris,
Caught in a solid wind
Sent reeling careening,

Brilliant whips of lightning
Streaming hot through the void,
Unfettered pure energy
Lashing branches swirling,

Irresistable force
Unleased violent slendor,
Astronomical havoc
Herculean power unbound.

Copyright 2005 T.A.Rickey