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Essential Poetic Esoteria


Poetic Esoteria
Night Watch
The ~ Beat

Splitting the chromium steel razor edge of lucidity, feeling its peeling screech.


The Inhuman Race

High velocity lunch again
Oozes special sauce on my lap,
Rushing down the painted lane
Digital screams spy a speed trap,

A mouthful of corporate gruel
Gagged down into my throat,
I have become just a tool
Just the hex-code I wrote,

Sucking bubbling brown liquid
I gag hard on the C.O. 2,
Maintaining control I skid
While seeking a calming tune,

The shrill buzz on the phone
Begs my scattered attention,
Then I'm chilled to the bone
Hearing a binary shriek begin,

While I adjust the fan
Diesel smoke fills my space,
I am passed by a van
Pacing the human race,

Born into the machine
Cast out upon the neon,
Noone before has been
Left to breath the freon.


My nap ends, with rumbling
The thundering repeats,
Sitting up, eyes widen
I cast aside the sheets,

Peaking through the closed blinds
I see only the dark,
I feel adrenaline
And my mind is in shock,

From window to window
I peek into the night,
Fin'lly I see lightning
And thunder soothes my doubt,

Terrorized by a storm
The first time in my life,
No longer safe and warm
And feeling the world's strife.

In Humanity

What crimson, drooling sacrifice
Was ever mortally wagered in vain?
Who will be offered to die twice
Bearing death's teeth-shreading pain?

Fed to the lion's razor tooth edge
Flesh parts into bloody sheets,
Screams mocking the exquisite carnage
And cowardly consciousness retreats,

Wrists and feet roped to four strong horses
Sweating blood in anticipation,
Four riding crops smack without remorse
Many parts left where there was one,

African rivers flow red with blood
While man's inhumanity continues,
When will be the next crimson flood?
Since we can't stop the simplest abuse?


From deep within I freeze
Caught amid raging storms,
God set me free, oh please
Show me to love that warms,

Life around me parades
While I can only stare,
A sweet dream slowly fades
At last I am aware,

Wakening to the world
In reckless abandon,
A tapestry unfurled
Woven by a madman,

Bright eyes glare, unfocused
Into the teaming throng,
My mind wanders, perplexed
I linger far too long,

Moving patterns emerge
To my fascination,
Internal fluids surge
As I see all are one...



Hackerz, crackerz, phreakerz and spammerz
Taking control of the planet,
Trading crackz and code for their warez
Catching us all in the global 'net,

Big brother watching, listening and chatting
Taking ransom on the web and newsgroups,
The digital scream begins to sing
Transmitting hex in strings and loops,

We buy into the electric dream
And purchase nothing truly precious,
The images are not what they seem
And come crashing down with a virus,

Images arrayed in rainbow light
Cast deep, dark shadows in the soul,
Interactive scenes wanting fight or flight
Our nerves and minds paying the toll,

Money and sex bartered for power
Everyone waiting for a show,
Watching you with a cam in the shower
Seeing your fearful excitement grow.


Cast upon surging surf
Caught amid frenzied throes
Chaos unwinds furies
Caucauphony thunders,

As if riding lightning
Slicing sensitive nerves
Laid bare to screaming winds
In numbness my mind swerves,

Begging euphoria
Smooth temptress beckoning,
Shadows caress tenderly
Easing, pleasing, soothing,

Emotions bought dearly
Fade into melting forms,
Tepid crimson puddles
Shimmering midnight warms,

Longing to taste darkness
My heart shudders loudly,
To what must I confess
That I may be set free?

As though no one can care
Each glance rips me open,
My soul bleeds, lying bare
Stripped of ev'ry defense,

From deep within, I stare
Immune to each attack,
Spirit ever aware
Untouchably intact,

Only fascination
Mystery glittering,
Knowing that all is one
Apart from everything...

The Great American Scream

A fevered, aberrant dream
Parades across screens and tubes,
Pay for it and slay for it,

In anal retentive, orgiastic narcissisum
Filed by category, name, number and amount,
PostMaster will not deliver,

Build and gild the emerald city
Worship glimmering temples of lust,
Pray for it and slave for it,

Slap the newborns
Crap on old ones
Gallop opinions,

Overfed landfills vomit
Taste the poison on tap,
Crucify the chemicals
Decimate forests to publish crap,

Upon foundations of paper
Rises the vast empire,
Strike the last line and insert
And pour more gas on the fire.


The Forgotten

Reposing languidly
Feigning full submission,
Courting my destiny
I am complete as one,

Tenuous emotions
Linger long in my breast,
I choose just the sane ones
And try to be the best,

Somehow I lose the pain
Forget it deep within,
I let my tears' sweet rain
Wash away all the sin,

Yet in the forgetting
Do I lose part of me?
In hiding from love's sting
Am I really happy?

It is but contentment
Numb to love forgotten,
I have no resentment
But am alone as one,

In seeing just the good
Do others pass me by?
Does my protective hood
Catch the tears that I cry?

Must I languish so long
In unrequitted love?
Dare I act like I'm strong?
To give my blues the shove,

It seems at every turn
I am but turned away,
My true heart feels love burn
But I get led astray,

The tears shine on my face
Only when I'm alone,
It seems I've lost love's race
My heart hardens to stone,

I refuse the anger
That curses at the dark,
Turn away the dagger
That stabs at my heart's spark.


Cool blue spreading above
Gasping short dry breezes,
Absent of summer's love
Vacant of memories,

Coolness stands overhead
Alone covering all,
High and isolated
Immeasurably tall,

Blue ice in slow descent
A circling bird of prey,
Though barely turbulent
The breeze blows dismay,

Blossoms long forgotten
Wilted in the cool breeze,
Flowers now lie rotten
Waiting only to freeze.

Nikola Tesla


Quickly stealing the bait,
Lunging out of control
Emotions lubricate tattered hearts,

Evening news buzzes,
Professional spindoctors twirl tops,
Legends of tomorrow
Whirl like a frisbee upon your finger,

The bait wriggles free

Glowing screens beam vibrations
Hammering heart and soul,
Twisted pistols hit the street
Taking aim at society,

Culture unenculturated
Rips dark chasms,
Shooting through cherished institutions,
And all the children are insane,
All the children are insane,

Toxic nests of rattlers
Bare soft underbellies,
Exposing only callous indifference,
A new subspecies emerges
Only to become, the bait,

Riteous crosses claim preeminence,
Time-worn rituals shit predominance
With a litany of self-mutilation,
And denial,
Perpetuating merely singleness, of purpose
The canyon, aches, wider,

Vacant hearts
Skipping triple beats,
Freeze solid, then drop,
Shattering into dagger sharp shards,
Only to melt once again
Into tepid, crimson puddles,

Fresh and tasty bait...

Naked Apes

Biochemical wars
Launched from the living room,
Into bedrooms and bars
Beginning in the womb,

Simple pissing contests
Naked apes screech with joy,
When a comrade's gut bursts
Then race to eat the spoil,

Manifest destinies,
Only justifying
Manifold atrocities
Just to let freedom ring,

With shame, the naked ape
Cowers under its God,
Caught in macabre rape
Bartering sins untold,

Its eye just beams with greed
But hides it with money,
That confuses its need
Wanting milk and honey,

Watch the species disappear
With gluttonous abandon,
Then stand before the mirror
And deny what we have done.

Copyright 2005 T.A.Rickey