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Essential Poetic Esoteria

Poetic Esoteria
Night Watch
The ~ Beat

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Enter the abode of the mage, but fear not, though thar be dragons, all manner of shades and embers not yet dead...

Song of Old

Cast the shadows of time long
Shades of bare recollection,
Whispers of the mulling throng
Blend as the murmur of one,

Chant the tales of yesteryear
A chilling incantation,
The innermost soul can hear
Songs of the deeds that were done,

In the sea the oldest wave
Rises high into the sun,
Holding the mariner's grave
Spinning yarns of battles won,

Canst thou the verse recollect,
Written when the world was young?
Pause now that you may reflect
Upon ballads heroes sung,

An internal history
Etched in spirit crystalline,
Look within your heart to see
The places we all have been,

The tide of the ages flows
Gathering to rise again,
Only the Ancient One knows
How high it has ebbed and when,

Enter the gladiators
A parade that marched miles long,
Lead by mythic Minotaurs
Beasts as huge as they were strong.


My mind flies freely for
Simple symbol syllables,
That make me think of more
Rhymes to ring as silver bells,

Poetry is a passion
Which is millenia old,
It always stays in fashion
As centuries' stories are told,

Muse on this printed dove
Her wings with written love,
Lying in a palm tree
Just to be poetry.

Tail Tale

I wish I had a tale, One I could chase around
Amusing myself with for hours,
And to preen and hold high
That I could seduce lovers with,
My tail would be so grand,
All would look and admire,

My tale would startle and amaze
Following me like a serpent,
I would share my tale with all who would appreciate it,
I could let them feel my tale
And tell me what it meant to them,
It would twist and turn,
And viewed in all its convolutions
Hardly resemble a tale at all,
But more a simple twist of fate.

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Copyright 2005 T.A.Rickey